Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

Step Seven: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

After you have honestly expressed willingness to have the negative items from your inventory removed in Step 6, you are ready to give them away in Step7.

What do they mean humbly asked Him?

To ”humbly ask” is a natural move after taking step 6 and to acknowledge that we cannot remove these shortcomings of our own power. We are approaching this step right sized. There is no humiliation here, only humility, which is a positive attitude towards our self and our lives.

When I complete this step will I no longer have those negative attributes in myself?

There will usually be items you asked to be removed that will feel as if they are gone and may well be, but there will also be shortcomings that will take time and effort and patience on your part to be healed. When asking for these shortcomings to be removed we also need the willingness to cooperate in the process. Just saying the seventh step prayer on page 76 of the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous is only the beginning. It will be necessary for you to back up the prayer with your own actions.

How do I go about backing it up?

If selfishness is one of the items in your list, then acting unselfishly is how to overcome that, even though it may not feel natural at first. If sloth happens to be a theme in your inventory, then try starting things on time. Of course asking for God’s help to take these actions may or will be necessary to achieve good results.