Step Three: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.

Step Three:  Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood him.

The steps seem to have a natural order of one step following into the next. If we have expressed willingness of the possibility that a higher power may be able to help solve our obsession then in the natural order of things turning to this power(God as we understand him) for help would make a lot of sense.

How can I turn my whole life over to God?

It is possible to turn your “whole life” over to the care of God, as you understand him. But doing step three is about the willingness to turn your will and your life over to Gods care. That is where a change in the direction of your life begins.  It has been said that willingness is the key that will open the locked door. There is an old lesson in making a decision  where it is proposed that three birds are sitting on a fence in the backyard. Two of the birds decide to fly away. How many birds are left on the fence? The answer is three birds. Two birds merely made a decision to fly away that does not mean they actually did.

I believe in God but I really don’t think I believe in this twelve step process.  So how can I do this if I do not think it will work for me?

Thankfully believing in the whole process is not necessary for you to make progress in your recovery. The 12 steps are fundamentally about the action rather than the belief. After you have made an admission of powerlessness in step 1 and a glimmer of faith in step 2 the rest of the steps are about action. So making a decision, having the willingness to turn your will and life over to the care of God is step 3. By following through with the rest of the 12  steps is how you will be turning your will and life over to Gods care.

I have always been an independent person who has been able to solve most of my problems by intelligence and determination. Why would I need to turn my will and my life over to God?

No doubt, you sound like someone who can achieve many things and solve your own problems,  when you make up your mind to do so. However, if you have honestly looked at step 1 and admitted to be powerless over alcohol (or whatever obsession of the mind and body you may have), will power is of no use. When we have taken the first 2 steps we should be able to see that lack of power is our problem. Therefore we would need a power that is greater than ourselves to solve this problem. Turning to this power only makes sense at this point. Remember there is no requirement to be perfect. What is required is honesty and willingness in order to get results.