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New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation provides Christian-based recovery solutions that are individually designed to educate, model, support and fortify every person who is reaching out for help. We recognize that every person is unique with different needs, different perspectives, different histories, different motivations and different goals. We are dedicated to identifying treatment solutions that cater to those differences and maximize chances for sustained recovery – recovering a life with balance, purpose, faith and self-worth.

It takes more than a temporary “retreat” to unravel the tangled web of chaos that leads someone down a path toward self-destruction and despair – it takes love, compassion and direction in the care of knowledgeable professionals. It takes experience, strength and hope presented in an honest nurturing atmosphere. It takes prayer, meditation and spiritual guidance facilitated with kind and accepting faith-based energy.

1 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

Programs Our Foundation Support

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New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation

About Us

The founders of New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation have over 20 years of experience in the addiction treatment field, and have learned from experience what it takes to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. The purpose of our foundation is to help individuals suffering with addiction by finding individually appropriate Christian-based recovery solutions that will maximize their chances for long-term success.

Helping Those Who Want Help

When an addict/alcoholic reaches a point of desperation, admitting they are unable to find relief on their own, it is important to answer that call for help swiftly. The emotions of an addict/alcoholic are often unpredictable, dramatic and extreme. Desperation can quickly turn to self-sufficiency, then back to self-destruction and false euphoria – leaving loved ones helpless and frustrated. A goal of NCBHF is to embrace the addict in that desperate moment and show them that judgment-free help is available. We provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment to facilitate the start of the healing process.

Scholarships for Successful Christian Rehab

New Creation Behavioral Healthcare Foundation provides scholarships and financial aid to those in need of addiction treatment. Funds for scholarships are secured through fundraisers, grant writing and the generous donations of others. Scholarship recipients are carefully screened through an application and interview process that is efficient with time and resources to ensure that healing can begin as swiftly and economically as possible where appropriate.

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