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When you are ready to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is time to meet with a counselor to begin the process of recovery. If you have never talked to a counselor before, then you need to know the qualities to look for when hiring an addiction therapist.

Appropriate Education and Certification

Each state has regulations concerning the appropriate education and certification for an addiction counselor, and our rehabilitation facilities follow these guidelines when hiring employees. You can verify a counselor’s certification by checking a state’s online professional regulation agency or making a telephone call to the agency.

Does the Counselor Have Experience?

For the best therapeutic services, you need to have counseling sessions with an individual who has experience. You can request information from the counselor about their past work experiences at other facilities. It is also possible that a counselor has completed an internship while attending a university to receive a degree, and this type of experience is also valuable.

Is the Counselor Confident?

The counselor should seem confident about his or her ability to help you overcome an addiction. Our rehabilitation facility follows a variety of counseling formats to help you understand your addictive behavior. One of the most popular ways to work through an addiction is with cognitive behavioral modification techniques.

Does the Counselor Have Great Listening Skills?

You do not want to waste your time with a counselor who is not really listening to what you are saying. While in a session with a counselor at our rehabilitation facilities, our employees focus on a client rather than trying to answer telephone calls or work on a computer. We expect our counselors to remember what clients have discussed before in order to make the process of recovery easier.

A Counselor Should Maintain Confidentiality

The clients in our rehabilitation facilities may want to discuss personal information with a counselor, and our counselors should not repeat this information with other clients or outsiders.

Need Help With Your Addiction?

To overcome an addiction, you need to contact us today to begin the application process. During your first telephone interview, you will begin to meet our counselors who are going to help you through the recovery process. We hire trained, confident and compassionate counselors who can provide individual and group therapy.

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