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After overcoming an addiction, it is time to begin a new life rather than returning to a bad neighborhood or dead-end job. You can change your life after recovering from substance abuse by returning to school. There are several types of schools to choose from, including trade schools, community colleges or universities.

Relocating to a New Geographic Region

If you want to relocate to a new geographic region, then you can apply to colleges that are located in other states. By moving to a new city, you are away from old temptations such as former friends who drink alcohol or use cocaine. In a different environment, you can create a new life that includes healthy relationships.

Maintaining a Daily Schedule

As an addict, you may have kept an irregular schedule because you needed to cope with a hangover after drinking too much. After registering for classes, you will have a regular schedule that includes attending study sessions or writing research papers at the campus library. A routine schedule that keeps you busy helps to prevent the intense cravings for drugs or alcohol.

Increasing Your Self-Esteem

You might suffer from low self-esteem after recovering from substance abuse because you have lost a job or damaged important relationships. Returning to school can increase your self-esteem as you receive high grades and begin to create healthy relationships with classmates and teachers.

Fast Access to 12-Step Meetings

The admission offices at most school campuses understand that there are students who need to attend 12-step meetings to avoid a relapse back to alcohol consumption or drug use. You can attend 12-step meetings on a campus near to your residence hall or at a nearby location.

Associating With Clean and Sober Friends

You will meet clean and sober friends in 12-step meetings, classrooms and at school events, leading to healthy relationships that do not include drugs and alcohol. In many cases, these new relationships lead to having lifelong friends who support you in your sobriety.

Call Us To Begin a New Life

Returning to school after becoming clean and sober can help you to start over by adding new information to your resume in order to begin a new career. The professors and classmates who you meet while in school are great references instead of the former employers who only know you as a substance abuser.