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Your decision to enter rehab is a major milestone toward a sober future. Congratulate yourself on a smart move for your personal health, and start thinking about how to pay for this treatment. Although many healthcare plans cover drug rehab programs, they may not cover every expense. In most cases, you can finance your stay at a rehab facility by researching a few viable options.

Facility Payment Plans

Every treatment program has a different management philosophy, but most programs do offer some form of payment plan. Before you agree to a treatment plan, ask the administrator about dividing out your payments. You might sign a contract agreeing to a certain payment amount each month as a way to solidify the agreement. Make these payments a priority because your health depends on them.

Loan Options

Several loan options are available to you, depending on your financial status. If you own a home, taking out some equity to pay off the rehab center is a possibility. Take out a personal or healthcare loan as other options. Ideally, you should speak to your bank about their loan options. Because you have a history with that lender, they might be more inclined to offer a loan that has a low interest rate.

Borrowing Among Loved Ones

Borrowing money from your own savings account is a smart idea, but you may not have all of the money that you need. Discuss your rehab financial needs with your loved ones. They may be able to lend you enough funds to complete the treatment. Part of your recovery process should be paying them back. Their support should be rewarded, and this fact might motivate you even more to fight for a sober lifestyle.

You might consider paying off a drug rehab charge with a credit card, but avoid this option whenever possible. Credit cards have high interest rates that can put you into even more debt. You want a clean slate for your body and mind so research as many other payment options as possible. The future is bright with addiction specialists by your side from now on forward.