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Many groups and charitable organizations sponsor scholarships for addiction treatment services and rehab. The overall purpose is to promote treatment and help people take the vital step of getting out of a destructive pattern of dependency and making a commitment to a lifetime of sobriety or drug-free living. Rehab scholarships help people in financial need and those in need of an opportunity. While some people have insurance and or pubic insurance coverage, these plans do not cover all of the costs of rehabilitation services.

Rehab Scholarships

Some sponsors offer scholarships to achieve a particular purpose. They may be motivated to extend help to a disadvantaged person or group. They may focus on gender or status such as veterans or persons with limited physical abilities. Financial need can be a central focus but in some cases, the motivation is to provide an opportunity. Rehab scholarships sometimes can go to people engaged in a general effort to reform their lives such as those in criminal diversion situations or those in schools or educational programs.

Scholarships for Insured Persons

By virtue of the national health reform legislation, nearly everyone should be insured. Either by private plans or public resources, the Obamacare legislation expanded affordable coverage to those able to pay and expanded Medicaid to those not able to pay. Scholarships and private grants can serve to fill the gaps left by insurance which cover some but not all of the costs and out of pocket expenses. Most insurance plans require consumers to pay deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance. Further, there may be incidental costs such as transportation and subsistence that can add to considerable amounts and form barriers to treatment. Whether one has insurance, scholarships can provide a vital part of the resources needed for successful treatment.

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When a loved one or family member makes the important decision to seek treatment, it is vital to take full advantage of the opportunity. Treatment and rehab can turn an addict’s life around and start the life-changing journey to drug-free living. Call us, we can help locate resources needed to get the best possible chance of successful treatment and long-term recovery. There is no better day than today, call us; we can help.