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Insurance is a tremendous help with paying for rehab. Yet, it can be hard to understand exactly which services your insurance will cover. Since starting sobriety in good financial standing is important, here is what you need to know about getting your insurance to pay for rehab.

Understanding Your Policy

Insurance coverage can vary according to the company providing the insurance and the type of plan you are covered under. For most insurance companies, drug and alcohol addiction does fall under a medical need so they often cover at least some rehab services. It is important to check your actual policy, however, to know what types of treatment they will cover and if there will be any associated deductibles or copays. It is also important to note that there may be restrictions regarding where you go. For example, attending an in-network treatment program will result in less out-of-pocket costs than attending one that is out-of-network.

Planning for Uncovered Care Expenses

In the event that you discover your insurance will not cover everything, do not lose heart. There are still many options available to make sure your treatment is affordable. Some rehabs offer scholarships that can reduce your cost of care, and others offer sliding scale services. Depending upon your needs, you may also choose to attend an outpatient program that might be less expensive than a residential center. Most programs will also accept payment plans that can break down the costs into affordable payments.

Finding a Rehab Program That Accepts Your Insurance

Most rehab programs accept the major insurance providers since it enables them to help more people. However, it is important to find out beforehand so that you feel secure going. Your insurance company should have a list of covered insurance companies, but it will be necessary to call each one to confirm since they might have changed since the list was published.

Exploring your insurance coverage is an ideal way to find out how much of your treatment will be covered. Since navigating through policy information and procedures can be hard when you are dealing with addiction, we can help you determine the best place for treatment that accepts your insurance. By taking the time to make sure the financial aspects of your care are all in order, you can enter rehab ready to focus on what is most important in your life. Choosing sobriety will always pay off by giving you a brighter future.