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Despite what outward behavior might indicate, people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction often have thoughts of inadequacy. This may stem from actual circumstances in which they have been told they didn’t quite measure up with other family members or with other classmates in school. It may stem from chronic depression, which frequently is an underlying condition with people who abuse alcohol or drugs. On the other side of the coin, family members and friends may think they are inadequate, too. They may believe they have not done enough to help their loved one quit using drugs or alcohol. They think that they can bribe, threaten, cajole, or plead to convince their loved one to stop substance abuse, but their efforts to control the situation are constantly thwarted. Similarly, people who grow up in families where substance abuse occurs have feelings of fear and anxiety, which can lead to thoughts of inadequacy. http://tpcjournal.nbcc.org/chaotic-environments-and-adult-children-of-alcoholics/

Inadequacy Related To Feelings Of Shame

An individual’s behavior while under the influence of drugs or alcohol often generates feelings of shame once they realize, when sober, what they have done and said.  The shame that accompanies addiction leads to low self-worth. Addicts and alcoholics believe they are failures, and they worry about what other people think of them. Because they feel ashamed of their behavior, they convince themselves that others don’t love them. They turn to alcohol and drugs to compensate for those feelings, and the cycle begins anew. http://psychcentral.com/lib/shame-the-core-of-addiction-and-codependency/00014258

Change In Thinking Can Conquer Low Self-Image

A common slogan in the recovery community is, “I do enough; I have enough; I am enough.” When anyone involved with alcoholism or drug addiction begins to recognize negative thinking patterns, they lay the groundwork for recovery. By making a call to an addiction treatment center or by reaching out to a community recovery group, individuals can take advantage of support from others who have had similar experiences and have learned how to let go of feeling inadequate. http://psychcentral.com/lib/therapists-spill-the-moment-i-realized-i-am-enough/00013029

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