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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, close to 24 million American people are addicted to drugs. The majority of people who are addicted to narcotic substances cannot overcome this problem on their own. Many people who are hooked on drugs will probably have to struggle with addiction for the rest of their lives. Even though addiction might seem like a hopeless situation – it certainly is not. People must use the services of a treatment center to effectively deal with this problem if they want to increase their chances of recovery. A faith-based Christian treatment center is one of the best options for people to use for this condition.

What is a Faith Based Treatment Center?

A faith-based treatment center is similar to a standard recovery program but they differ in one area. Faith based treatment centers differ in the types of services services that they provide. All drug treatment facilities uses standard recovery practices services for their patients. However, Christian based recovery programs offer addicts a faith-based element that is designed to help a person to deal with the spiritual or religious reality behind drugs.

How does Spirituality or Religion Affects Recovery?

A lot of people might not know or accept the fact that there is a spiritual and religious dimension to life. For some people, many of the issues that they have with drugs stems from some type of spiritual problem. Many addicts are dealing with problems that cause them to turn to drugs for relief. Most of these problems are the result of a negative situation that a person experienced in their past or are dealing with in the present.

Having spiritual and religious based instruction and therapy can help a person to overcome (or at least to manage) these problems. It can also help them to identify and to stay free from the problems that have caused them to start using drugs to find relief or as a form of escape.

What Types of Faith Based Services are Available for Treatment?

Many Christian recovery programs provide their clients with services such as drug addiction education, group therapy and counseling programs. Keep in mind that Christian based programs also endorse spiritual elements into their treatment. These spiritual elements typically include the application of Biblical based scriptures into the treatment process. Most faith based programs try to help people to understand the role that God plays in their recovery. Some treatment organizations such as AA (Alcoholic’s Anonymous) is a perfect example about how Christian based treatment processes work.

How Effective are Christian Based Treatment Programs?

Christian based treatment programs have about as much success as a standard recovery facility. Once again, religious and spiritual based treatment processes is the major difference between the two. Many people benefit from Christian principles are nothing new. They just ensure that addicts are covering all aspects of their lives when they are trying to overcome an addiction. Christian based recovery services are practical and effective for helping addicts to regain their lives and to effectively deal with their drug abuse problem.

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