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During early recovery, it is important to continue to work toward self-improvement, and one of your main concerns may be how to successfully get an education. This is especially true for those who are currently enrolled in high school or college programs that may make it hard to experience a gap in enrollment. Since your education is important for your overall well being, here are a few things to consider about continuing your education during recovery.

Decide if Going to School is Best For Your Recovery

Early recovery is a time when it is important to focus on finding ways to manage stress and cope with your addiction. For some people, it is best to take a short break and avoid the added stress that could occur from an academic program. However, this may not always be an option. If getting an education is essential due to your school’s requirements or your personal need to make progress, then it is possible to continue your education through several different options.

Explore Treatment Programs with Educational Components

If you decide to continue your education during early recovery, then you will need to find a treatment program that fits your needs. For those attending online college classes, a rehab that allows time for completing coursework on a laptop or computer will be ideal. Young students can also find treatment programs with on-site schools so that they can work toward earning their high school diploma. An outpatient program is another alternative that can allow you to still maintain your normal routine by taking classes on campus when you are not participating in treatment sessions.

Make a Plan for Continued Success

Once you have decided upon the option that is best for you to continue your education, you will need to make a plan for how you will balance your responsibilities. Talk to the staff in your treatment program about how to ease academic anxiety and schedule your day. If possible, you may want to reduce your course load temporarily until you transition out of early recovery.

Getting sober and completing your education are two goals that will enhance your life. Yet, it can sometimes be discovered that seeking treatment can generate some conflicts. We can help you find a treatment program that fits your academic goals so that you can successfully overcome potential conflicts and enjoy knowing that you are working toward a future full of possibilities.