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How Becoming a Drug and Alcohol Counselor Can Help Your Recovery

Many recovering addicts become alcohol or drug addiction counselors after completing their own detoxification and rehabilitation program. It is actually helpful for a recovered addict to begin a career as an addiction counselor because they are immersing themselves in a 12-step recovery program on a daily basis while assisting new clients.

The Level of Care Offered in Rehabilitation Centers

Each rehabilitation center has its own methods to help clients overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol, but the level of individualized care is high. Each client undergoes an evaluation before beginning detoxification and periodically throughout a rehabilitation program. Counselors keep a written record of a client’s successes and problems in order to inform other staff members.

How Private is Addiction Treatment?

Anyone who was once a recovering addict understands the importance of privacy after becoming a professional counselor. Many addicts will not seek treatment because they are concerned that an employer will find out about their addiction. We follow federal guidelines concerning privacy for our patients in rehabilitation.

Who Answers Questions about Addiction Treatment?

Before entering detoxification, an addict can ask intake counselors questions with emails or telephone calls, and after beginning treatment, it is still possible to have new questions that require answers. It is important for a recovering addict to feel comfortable about the rehabilitation process, and getting answers to questions makes this possible.

How do Recovering Addicts Pay for Rehabilitation?

There are a variety of ways to pay for drug or alcohol rehabilitation, including private insurance or an employer-sponsored plan. There are also government grants and scholarships available to defray the cost of treatment.

Where Does a Recovering Addict Go after Treatment?

After 30 to 90 days in rehabilitation, we recommend living in a sober house environment, but there are also outpatient programs available for clients who must return to their normal lives. It is important for addicts to attend daily or weekly 12-step meetings for the rest of their lives.

We Can Help Addicts Find the Best Rehabilitation Facility for Their Needs

There is no reason to delay seeking drug or alcohol detox or rehabilitation. In fact, the longer an addict waits to enter a program the more likely it is that an overdose or permanent health problem will occur. Call us today to begin the search for the perfect rehabilitation facility for your needs.