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When you have finished rehab, life is full of new beginnings. It is time to look forward and celebrate the many options before you. For many this new start is the perfect time to head back to school and prepare for an exciting new future. Deciding to go back to school can be an easy choice but choosing when to go back to school is a much tougher decision.

Why Should You Go Back to School?

School can be a wonderful way to get your life back on track. It can train you for a new career or help you back into the workforce if you lost your job due to your addiction. As you grow academically you will gain confidence and a new sense of self apart from your addicted self.

Many people appreciate the regimented schedule that school provides. Keeping busy is often a great way to keep away from the temptation to relapse. When you have something to focus on and devote time to, it is easier to stay clean.

Going back to school gives you an opportunity to meet new friends that will help you stay sober. If you choose wisely and are upfront about your addiction issues, you can focus on finding friends that won’t steer you back into your old lifestyle.

Reasons to Put School on the Back Burner

There are a lot of great reasons to head back to school, but there are also many good reasons not to head back too soon. Your first year out of rehab is a delicate time. Too much stress can cause you to relapse. School can be stressful. Deadlines, projects and studying unfamiliar subjects can be stressful and you don’t want to risk losing your sobriety because you weren’t ready for that stress.

College can provide you with many opportunities to drink or use drugs. New friends might turn into party buddies. Good grades might give you a reason to celebrate with just one beer. It is easy to fall back into old habits if you forget to rely on your sobriety support system.

Deciding When to Go Back

Most counselors recommend you don’t make any major life changes in the first year after rehab. Beyond that advice choosing when to go back to school is a very individual decision that each person needs to make based on their own strengths and circumstances.

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