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A Christian drug and alcohol counselor is a person who has strong faith in the Lord Jesus and who desires to help people by leading them to His grace, mercy and strength. The Christian drug and alcohol counselor has an outlook on recovery that varies greatly from the world’s view. This person believes that the Word of God and faith in Him are more than enough for freedom from addictions. The Christian drug counselor is sometimes a person who experienced freedom through the Lord from a different kind of addiction. Nonetheless, any person who desires to be a counselor has to go through the world’s certification process. The following are some things that you have to do to become a Christian drug counselor:

Decide Which Path You Want to Take

If you are ordained by God, then you do not have to seek the ordination of men. However, you must be strong enough to deal with rejection from potential clients if you do not possess the credentials and documents that can help them feel comfortable with you.

Take a Course or Earn a Degree

You may take a two-year or four-year college course to obtain a degree that may help to get work as a counselor within an organization. Psychology, human services, drug and alcohol counselor are just a few names of the courses that you can take to help you learn.

Receive Special Certification

If you want to conduct personal counseling sessions, then you may be better off getting certified by an organization such as the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors or the National Christian Counselors Association. Both organizations have different criteria regarding payment, testing and initial qualification criteria.

The first step in becoming a Christian counselor is dedicating all parts of your life to Christ. Everything will fall into place once you dedicate your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. He will eventually open a door for you so that you can be the person He created you to be. If counseling is your calling, then the opportunity will come for you to do it.