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Overcoming a substance abuse addiction is a wonderful thing, and you may want to help other individuals with their alcohol or drug addiction. There are many ways to help other addicts, and one of the most important ways is by becoming a professional counselor.

Types of Education required for becoming a Counselor

There are different educational requirements for become a substance abuse counselor, including earning an associate degree from a community college. However, most counselors attend college for four years to earn a bachelor’s degree instead. It is also possible to continue your education to earn a master’s degree in counseling.

How do You Apply for Educational Programs?

You can apply for educational programs by calling, emailing or visiting colleges. The admission office’s employees can mail a package of informative pamphlets and application materials. In many cases, you will need to apply to programs several months in advance, and you should apply to multiple universities and community colleges.

Who will answer my Questions about Studying for the Counseling Profession?

The best way to learn about studying for the counseling profession is by visiting universities and community colleges to talk to professors or students. In addition, you can contact a rehabilitation facility to request a job-shadowing opportunity to see exactly what substance abuse counselors do on a daily basis.

How Can You Pay for Educational Training?

Most students use a variety of methods to pay for educational training, including working a part-time job, applying for scholarships and using government grants. There are also student loans available from the federal government and private lenders to help pay for tuition and books.

What Happens after Completing Your Education?

After completing your education at a community college or university, you can apply for jobs at rehabilitation and detoxification centers. There are career opportunities available at residential and outpatient facilities. You will probably work in an entry-level position under the close supervision of more experienced counselors.

Begin a New Life as a Substance Abuse Counselor

You can begin a new life by becoming a substance abuse counselor who works in a detoxification or rehabilitation facility. By overcoming your own addiction to alcohol or drugs, you have a unique perspective concerning substance abuse. This perspective gives you more empathy and compassion toward clients and will help you to build a new life.