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The mental health services provided through a qualified health plan are among the ten essential health benefits guaranteed by Obamacare. These services must be included in every health plan, and some do not require out of pocket expenses. Diagnosis testing and screenings can be at no charge to the consumer. The provider can decide to treat addiction treatment like other medical services and charge the same type of fees as it does for regular medical care. The co-insurance amount per doctor visit, for example, would be the same for addiction treatment.

Provider’s choose the Approach

The provider can decide the kind of resources they will apply to addiction treatment, and it may not be the same preference as the recovering addict might select. Call us, we can help. We work with the leading insurance providers, and we can provide assistance to the families of recovering addicts. We can help with insurance coverage and in finding the best possible resources for recovery.

Coverage but with Fees

The Affordability Care Act treats addiction as a mental health issue. The law treats mental illness as it does the physical illnesses. The essential benefits provide detection, screening, and treatment for addiction. The essential benefits include Screening and physical exams, and lab tests. No consumer contribution can be assessed for these basic services. These efforts can uncover hidden causes of addiction that must also treat to find long-term success and long-term sobriety. Co-diagnosis is covered by the ten essential benefits of Obamacare. Treatment and doctor visits can require co-payments and out of pocket expenses.

Help with Co-payments

Private donors and scholarships can help people who cannot afford treatment under a health plan due to high deductibles and co-payments. The health provider is free to charge as long as it is similar to those for using other provider resources, such as a standard co-pay per visit. If one has no income or low-income Medicaid may be a better way to manage healthcare costs.

Call us, we can help with Insurance coverage

Insurance is a vital source of funding for recovering addicts. Health insurance reform has made addiction a treatable condition for health plans. We have experience working with federal and state insurance marketplaces. We can help find the best possible match for the recovering addict’s life situation. We understand that effective treatment involves more than the addiction, it involves the whole person.