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The biggest problem with rehabilitation is that it is highly expensive. The prices of rehabilitation can be as high as $15,000 depending on the location. length of stay and the services. Most serious rehabilitation stays are more than 30 days longs. Many people do not go to rehab because they do not feel as if they can afford the treatment. Fortunately, rehabilitation scholarships exist, and they can reduce the bill greatly. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, you may want to speak with someone about such a scholarship.

How a Drug Rehab Scholarship Works

Drug rehab scholarships are just like college scholarships. A sponsoring organization pays a certain amount of money for the person to achieve the services that he or she needs. Drug rehabilitation scholarship can come from the rehab itself, or it can come from a government organization or foundation. An example of a “foundation” that provides such a scholarship is Demi Lovato. She is a performer rather than a foundation, but she set up the Lovato Scholarship for people who struggle with mental health issues and addiction.

The drug rehabilitation scholarship pays for a portion of the care that the person needs. In some cases, the scholarship covers all the costs of care. The financial specialists at the rehabilitation center would put the scholarship funds toward the treatment first and then take other forms of payment such as health insurance, credit card, third-party financing and the like.

How to Get a Drug Rehabilitation Scholarship

Research specialists can help you or your loved one to find a rehabilitation center that offers a scholarship for care. The specialist will also look for scholarships and grants from other organizations. The dedicated specialists are delighted to connect you with the funding that you need for your journey to wellness. They will take information that will help to understand what your needs are. Next, they will take some additional questions so that they can narrow the choices for the rehab center. Finally, they will contact the facilities and gather information for you. The entire process can be a relaxing and easy process for you or the person who has chosen to heal. The researchers are dedicated to finding you a rehabilitation center that has successful statistics and an easy going payment program. You can get started today by contacting one of the specialists for a referral.