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The duties of a drug and alcohol counselor vary. They include speaking with rehab candidates and performing intakes, helping people to find the right programs and strengthening addicted persons so that they can maximize their success in life. A person must meet certain criteria to become a drug and alcohol counselor. The following are five top qualities that make a good counselor:

1. Experience in the Field
Experience in the field is one of the most helpful elements that a person can have. Experience in the field of addiction could mean experience helping friends or family members. It could mean that the counselor had a previous addiction problems. It could mean that the person has performed some volunteer work in a rehabilitation center, as well.

2. Knowledge of Addiction Mechanics
A drug and alcohol addiction counselor will need to have knowledge of addiction mechanics. The person needs to have an in-depth knowledge of what causes addictions and how one can break the bondage of such addiction. Credentials such as college degrees and certificates are necessary to prove that the person has graduated classes that taught such elements.

3. Compassion and Empathy
Compassion and empathy are two characteristics that a drug and alcohol counselor must have. Compassion is the general feeling of warmth and love toward others. Compassion is caring about what happens to other people. Empathy is truly understanding what another person is going through and then having compassion for that person because of it. Compassion and empathy are two elements that counselors have when they have preexisting addiction problems.

4. Patience
A counselor must have the element of patience. Some people who come into rehab centers may fail or fall. Counselors must be understanding and supportive when that happens because intolerance can aid relapse in certain personality types.

5. Desire to See People Overcome
A counselor must have the desire to see other people overcome. That personality type will encourage people to crush their addictions and start enjoying their lives. A person who has all of the previously mentioned qualities will have a good chance at landing a job as a counselor for addiction.

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