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Drug treatment can be expensive, and it is possible that you need financial assistance to make sobriety a reality. Fortunately, understanding organizations and individuals have established scholarships to help bridge the gap between what you can afford and what your treatment will cost. Typically, applying for a scholarship will require you to meet some guidelines, and these are the most common qualifications that you need to be approved for financial aid.

Documentation of Financial Need

Since scholarships are designed to assist individuals who may not be able to afford their treatment, you will need to demonstrate some financial need. However, do not be deterred if you have insurance because many scholarships will help pay for any services that your policy may not cover. To demonstrate financial need you will need documentation of your income, a copy of your insurance policy and proof of any household circumstances that affect your finances such as caring for a loved one with a disability.

Demonstrated Interest in Sobriety

When you are committed to getting sober, your interest will shine through to the people who decide if you qualify for a scholarship. Many programs ask for you to write a letter detailing your personal experiences with addiction and any prior treatment. You may also be asked to come for an interview so that you can explain your interest in sobriety in person. Whether you write a letter or have an interview, it is important to be honest and express how much getting sober will improve your life and the lives of others.

Testimonials From Your References

During the application process, your friends and family can help you prove that you are qualified. Often, a short letter written by the people who know you best can show that others know you are invested in staying sober. In these letters, they can describe your commitment to raising a child, starting a career or other aspects of your life that will keep you motivated in treatment. Let your references to know not to go overboard. Just a few brief sentences about your best traits will highlight the importance of you being able to go to treatment.

Scholarships are designed to make treatment more affordable, and you can take advantage of what is available to turn your life around. By taking the time to ensure that all of your documentation is in order, you can get a jumpstart on your recovery.