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When your child leaves for college, you are still concerned about their grades and behavior. If you find out that a daughter is failing in her classes, then it is important to learn why. In many cases, college students make bad choices and become addicted to alcohol and drugs, requiring an intervention from parents.

Types of Drug Treatment Available for College Students

College students can enter substance abuse facilities that specialize in treating young adults. While parents cannot usually force an adult child to seek treatment for an addiction, it is possible to encourage your daughter to begin therapy as quickly as possible to get her life back on the correct path.

Does a Facility Keep a Client’s Rehabilitation Private?

Your daughter might have a concern that her friends and professors on her college campus will learn about her rehabilitation, but we keep a client’s name private. We do need to contact insurance providers to learn more about reimbursements and co-payment requirements.

How can a Parent Get Answers to Questions

Parents can call or email intake counselors to ask questions about substance abuse treatment for a daughter who is in college. If you are trying to convince an adult child to enter a rehabilitation program, then we can recommend safe ways to intervene that will not lead to resistance.

How can Parents Help a Child Pay for Rehabilitation?

It is important for parents to maintain insurance on an adult child who is in college. Today, most insurance companies allow college students to remain on a parent’s employer-sponsored or private plan. Having insurance makes it easier for you to find an affordable treatment facility for your addicted daughter.

Where does a Recovering Addict Go after Finishing Treatment?

After completing a rehabilitation program, your daughter will require a lifetime of aftercare by attending 12-step meetings and counseling sessions to avoid a relapse. Your daughter may want to enter a sober house living environment after rehabilitation or might prefer going to an outpatient program instead.

Get Help for an Adult Child Today

You can get help for an adult child today by calling our intake counselors to request information about alcohol and drug addiction treatment. We can provide information that will help you to convince an adult child to seek treatment before it is too late.