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If you have a drug addiction, then it is essential to seek assistance at a professional rehabilitation facility. Before beginning a 30 to 90 day treatment, you will need a minimum of three days in a detoxification program. These treatments cost money, and when your insurance coverage is not enough, it is possible for you to apply for a scholarship. In most cases, scholarships are part of a financial assistance package and will not cover 100 percent of the costs of treatment.

How Long Will Treatment for Substance Abuse Last?

Each of our clients in detoxification and rehabilitation require different types of programs, and yours might last 60 days or longer. Individualized treatment plans depend on the type of substance you are addicted to, its daily dosage and how long you have used the drug.

Who is informed about an Addict’s Treatment?

Treatment for substance abuse is kept as private as possible, according to government regulations. Our office employees must contact your insurance providers to determine co-payments. When you apply for scholarships that help to pay for detoxification and rehabilitation, the individuals in charge of a program also strive to maintain confidentiality.

Who Provides Answers to Questions about Rehabilitation?

The intake counselors who answer telephone calls on a 24-hour basis are able to provide information about detoxification and rehabilitation. You are welcome to ask any question in order to feel more comfortable about beginning treatment.

How do Clients Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Our clients pay for substance abuse treatment with a combination of insurance, co-payments and financing options. You can also apply for scholarships to assist with the costs of rehabilitation as part of a financial aid package.

What Happens After Rehabilitation Ends?

Residential drug rehabilitation is the beginning of your path to wellness because you must continue to attend 12-step meetings and counseling. We help our clients to find the appropriate outpatient program near a home or can assist with finding a sober house environment.

Begin a New Life Today with Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

There is a good chance that you are spending hundreds of dollars a month on a drug habit, so you should begin treatment today to avoid a lifetime of expense and dangers. The goal of detoxification and rehabilitation treatment is to help you begin long-term sobriety. Do not permit the worries about paying for your professional treatment stop you from contacting us.