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If you are attempting to enter a substance abuse facility, then you must find a way to pay for the program. It is possible that your employer-sponsored and private insurance plans will not cover all of the costs of detoxification and rehabilitation, but there are drug treatment scholarships available. In order to apply for a scholarship, you must complete forms that require information such as your age, gender and the type of drug abuse treatment required.

What is the Level of Care with a Drug Treatment Scholarship?

The level of care you receive with a drug treatment scholarship is the same as for patients who do not apply for assistance. The counselors in a drug treatment facility are not informed about the patients who are there with a scholarship program.

Is Drug Treatment Private?

We do not discuss your drug treatment with anyone unless you tell us that we can. The residents in a drug rehabilitation facility are encouraged to keep the identity of others private.

Who Can Answer Questions about Substance Abuse Rehabilitation and Scholarships?

One of our intake counselors will collect your information to begin the enrollment process in a substance abuse facility. We need information about medical insurance plans and finances in order to find scholarships that you qualify for in order to pay for treatment. If you require more information, then you are welcome to contact us with a telephone call or email.

How can Clients Pay for Drug Rehabilitation Treatment?

Our clients usually use an assortment of payment methods for substance abuse rehabilitation. We arrange to bill your medical insurance companies before determining your monthly co-payment. You can also apply for scholarships that are provided by nonprofit agencies and private individuals.

Where do Clients Go after Completing Substance Abuse Rehabilitation?

Overcoming substance abuse is a lifelong process, and many of our clients want to live in a sober house after rehabilitation to learn more coping skills. If you do not want to live in a sober house, then we will find an outpatient program for you to continue professional counseling along with attending 12-step meetings.

Prepare for a New Life Today

You shouldn’t permit concerns about finances prevent you from entering one of our top-of-the-line rehabilitation facilities. Our counselors are able to find a variety of sources to pay for drug abuse treatment, and there are facilities that have different price points for services.