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Payment Assistance for Rehab

What Qualifications Are Needed To Get a Scholarship Into Drug Treatment?

Drug treatment can be expensive, and it is possible that you need financial assistance to make sobriety a reality. Fortunately, understanding organizations and individuals have established scholarships to help bridge the gap between what you can afford and what your treatment will cost. Typically, applying for a scholarship will require you to meet some guidelines, and these are the most common qualifications that you need to be approved for financial aid. Documentation of Financial Need Since scholarships are designed to assist individuals who may not be able to afford their treatment, you will need to demonstrate some financial need. However,…

Who Qualifies for Drug Treatment Scholarships

Who Qualifies for Drug Treatment Scholarships?

If you are attempting to enter a substance abuse facility, then you must find a way to pay for the program. It is possible that your employer-sponsored and private insurance plans will not cover all of the costs of detoxification and rehabilitation, but there are drug treatment scholarships available. In order to apply for a scholarship, you must complete forms that require information such as your age, gender and the type of drug abuse treatment required. What is the Level of Care with a Drug Treatment Scholarship? The level of care you receive with a drug treatment scholarship is the…